MicroEJ for Healthcare


Because MicroEJ VEE is small and optimized for footprint, performance and power, the global software stack in the product is smaller and easier to certify. Because of advanced software engineering methods, language and tools enabled by MicroEJ, software complexity is reduced and software reuse is maximized.

of the patient’s data

Security at all levels is at the heart of MicroEJ solutions: data collection and storage, software execution, communications, identification and authentication. MicroEJ eases the secure connection to cloud platforms for patient data storage and processing.

Secure runtime environment

MicroEJ offers advanced GUI capabilities, as well as easy support for a wide range of connectivity protocols: NFC, Bluetooth/BLE, cellular, and low-power wide area networks (LPWAN).
MicroEJ VEE provides a virtual machine that delivers advanced software runtime security mechanisms.

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Gains on Avalun development process

  • Advanced user interface for a user-friendly product
  • Quick development for fast market integration

MicroEJ enables development efforts to be streamlined while handling levels of complexity, through separation of concerns. As software grows, developers can keep elements small and independent from each other to avoid jeopardizing the full software stack.

A unique capability of MicroEJ is the “simulator”, greatly reducing development costs and time as collaborators can first prototype the UI while optimizing complex software processes (development and automatic testing).

Significant reduction in the development cycle (time-to-market) is achieved, thanks to the parallelization of hardware & software development with a “virtualization” layer. MicroEJ’s hardware simulator enables developing embedded software without waiting for hardware or BSP availability.

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