Explore Seamless IoT Connectivity with the Telit ME910C1-WW Module

In this exclusive demonstration, Remy Louedec unveils the capabilities of the Telit Cinterion ME910C1-WW IoT module, seamlessly integrated into the MICROEJ VEE environment. Delve into the world of application development with cutting-edge cellular connectivity, harnessing the power of 5G and a LwM2M stack for seamless IoT connectivity.

Witness real-time data retrieval as the demo showcases board temperature fetched from the cloud. Remy illustrates the bidirectional communication capability of the ME910C1-WW IoT module, allowing users to send commands to the device. Follow the captivating evolution of the temperature graph, highlighting the seamless transmission of periodic data to the cloud.



Telit Cinterion and MicroEJ Partnership

Telit Cinterion and MicroEJ have forged a longstanding collaboration to empower app development on IoT modules. This strategic partnership delivers notable advantages, including accelerated iteration cycles, streamlined development processes, and extensive multilanguage support encompassing C, JavaScript, Java, and more. The synergy of these two entities expedites innovation and facilitates swift requirement validations through virtual devices. Additionally, the dynamic app loading and a bespoke application store enable effortless customization for diverse end-customers, further enhancing the adaptability of this integrated solution.

To delve deeper into the capabilities of this collaborative effort and explore the possibilities it unlocks, discover more on our developer website!

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