Low-power is your superpower: Ultra Low Power on the i.MX RT500 and MICROEJ VEE

MicroEJ is recognized by global electronics manufacturers for its application container technology that reduces the increasing complexity of software embedded in electronic systems. MICROEJ VEE radically simplify how a device software is built by integrating modularity, agility, continuous integration, automated testing and partial software updates in the development process.

In order to accelerate the development of smart devices and to democratize the programming and electronic design of such products, MicroEJ enables prototyping on virtual devices (digital twins of real devices), which decouples hardware and software development (aka separation of concerns).

The replay is introduced by our Customer Care Director, Stephane Mainchain, who highlights the benefits of our Virtual Execution Environment MICROEJ VEE to design low-power devices and low-power features.

What you will learn:



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