Can the Edge Help Us Leveraging a More Sustainable Society?

This is the key question that was addressed during Edge Computing World on Oct 11-12th 2022. MicroEJ’s CEO, Dr Fred Rivard, was invited on a keynote panel featuring Rika Nakazawa (Group Vice President, Connected Industry & Sustainability, NTT), Gerard Cunningham (Partner, Founder & Global Lead of Green Growth Practice, McKinsey & Company), Marty Sprinzen (CEO, Vantiq), and Adam Compton (Director of Strategy, Schneider Electric), to discuss the topics of sustainability and Edge computing.

Watch the replay to learn how Edge Computing and IoT tech are being used to solve challenges for a smarter and more sustainable world:



Panel key takeaways include:

  • Sustainable designs enable carbon reductions from the early stages of the design process by using low-power, low-cost hardware that uses less raw materials
  • Devices need to include low-power optimizations to reduce energy consumption during devices’ lifetime
  • Edge computing enable to relieve overreliance on the Cloud for data analytics, and gives more insights about how a device is used on the fields for future optimizations


Improve Sustainability at the Edge: A Comprehensive Study

Opting for an energy-efficient, highly optimized software solution not only cuts electronics BoM costs and extends battery life but also promotes sustainability.

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