Fast and Intuitive Wearable UI Demo on STM32F746 Discovery Board

The wearable UI demo on the STM32F746 Discovery board showcases the capabilities of MicroEJ technology in enhancing user experience. Running on the STMicroelectronics STM32F746G-DISCO board, this wearable UI demo leverages features like Alpha blending, Transparency, ST Chrom Art, and Antialiasing seamlessly within the MicroEJ environment.

The video demonstrates the quick cold-boot-up time of MICROEJ VEE and the dynamic download and installation of a Smartwatch app from the MicroEJ Application Store. Once installed, the app offers various configurations and styles, including a simulated music player, real-time weather updates, and step counting. Users can navigate between screens with intuitive touch controls.

The smartwatch app runs smoothly in the background, allowing users to manage other applications without interruption. Uninstalling the app is straightforward and does not require system reboots. This demo highlights MicroEJ’s efficiency and sophistication in wearable UI development, setting a new standard for user experience in wearable technology.


VEE Wear Operating System

VEE Wear delivers robust functionalities akin to larger OS’ for low cost, low power wearable devices cutting costs and power usage, meet the growing demand for feature-rich wearables with extended battery life. With VEE Wear, you gain unparalleled versatility and power to craft exceptional UI/UX, prolong battery life, unlock limitless watch faces, and swiftly build app ecosystems.

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VEE Wear RTOS Smartwatch

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