This video shows a demo application of a smartwatch developed with MicroEJ SDK.


It leverages MicroEJ Application Store for application download. This wearable UI application demo runs on STMicroelectronics STM32F746G-DISCO (ARM Cortex™-M7 @216MHz, 480×272 LCD display, 16-bit colors). The application shows how features like Alpha blending, Transparency, ST Chrom Art, or Antialiasing can be managed with MicroEJ.

The video shows the extremely fast cold-boot-up time of MICROEJ VEE, and the dynamic download and installation of a Smartwatch app from an online MicroEJ Application Store. The app is downloaded through the Ethernet connection to the board’s memory. Once downloaded and installed, the launch of the app is almost immediate. The app shows various smartwatch configurations and styles, with advanced and intuitive touch navigation from one screen to another, showing different features: time, simulated music player, weather (with information collected on real-time from an online server), simulated steps counting. The smartwatch app can be left running in the background while the user comes back to the main app used for browsing and managing other apps, from where it can be stopped and uninstalled. Once uninstalled, all system resources taken up by an app are completely freed, without any system reboot or reset.