Would you like to know how your next applications for IoT or embedded devices will really look like?


Watch this video to discover “MicroEJ Simulator” to easily develop and try your next smart applications! The same application runs on a computer and at the same time on a electronic board. It enables that all teams (developers, marketing, top managers) work together for quick specifications validation and reduce time-to-market.

MicroEJ simulator allows to design software without waiting for hardware. Thanks to the MicroEJ technology binary portability: when a feature is automatically tested on the simulator, the feature will be executed on devices.

This demo shows a thermostat with a nice GUI and the user setting up the temperature. Temperatures are published on the cloud data service from Xively by LogMeIn, but MicroEJ support any cloud services provider like Salesforce, Microsoft Azure, Ericsson, etc. The application runs exactly with the same UI, UX and network capability on both the simulator and the electronic board.


MicroEJ Simulator allows to :

  • reproduce exactly the execution of an application (UI or not) on a desktop and on the final hardware, which allows to develop the application in parallel of the hardware.
  • calibrate the needs of an application (memory usage, test on any processor (MCU or MPU)
  • simulate test cases reproducing the hardware interaction using mock-ups
  • debug a code