Often constrained by power, size and resources, things in IoT present a unique set of connectivity challenges. Optimal reliability, reduced cost, accelerated development time and application management are critical to the success of developing a connected product.

MicroEJ and Silicon Labs have collaborated to deliver a complete, secure and energy-efficient Wi-Fi solution based on the WF200 transceiver for IoT applications. The solution combines excellent Radio-Frequency performance, low power consumption, easy application development, enhanced security and fast time to market to enable significant competitive advantages for IoT device makers.

As innovation is critical to success, MicroEJ VEE virtualization technology for the WF200 transceiver allows software asset reuse, faster development, simulation on virtual devices and protection against malicious code. MicroEJ provides a standard, safe and secure embedded software platform for IoT development.

On the video below, Robert Diloreto, MicroEJ’s VP Sales US demonstrates MICROEJ Forge, MicroEJ’s revolutionary IoT Application Store, working on Silicon Labs WF200 Wi-Fi Transceiver at CES 2020.



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