This video shows a demo application of a user interface enabling to control a connected washing machine.

This demo was developed with MicroEJ SDK. It runs on Renesas Synergy S7G2 board (ARM Cortex™-M4 @240MHz, 480×272 LCD display, 16-bit colors).

The application highlights some features managed with MicroEJ like alpha blending, transparency, widgets, or antialiasing.

This demo features the various functions of the washing machine through a friendly user interface with smooth animations & effects, and touch navigation.

The washing machine may also be controlled remotely from a smartphone (through a Bluetooth connection) running the exact same application.

This demo highlights the fast boot time of MicroEJ.

The app was previously downloaded dynamically from a MicroEJ Store through an Ethernet connection to the board. Once installed, the launch of the app is very fast. Some other videos showing the same application running on different hardware are also available on YouTube.

It highlights the extreme portability of the applications developed with MicroEJ with C/C++/Java languages.

Some figures:

– Java app RAM (without image): 52 KB

– Java app FLASH (without image): 38 KB ROM

– Boot time: 2 ms @ 120MHz