Accelerate The Integration and Deployment of Embedded Vision Systems with MicroEJ


Embedded vision systems combine embedded systems and computer vision to enable devices to interpret and interact with their environment visually. These systems are rapidly advancing, with applications in consumer electronics, automotive, industrial, healthcare, and home automation, enhancing product capabilities with intelligent visual inputs.

The benefits of embedded vision systems include simplified user interactions, enhanced automation, and improved efficiency through rich visual data. For instance, in robotics, image sensors enable precise motor control and efficient task execution. Machine learning technologies, such as convolutional neural networks (CNNs), further enhance these systems’ capabilities, allowing them to learn and adapt autonomously.

However, developing embedded vision applications presents challenges. High-quality raw image data must be processed efficiently, especially with high-resolution video and real-time processing. These systems often require powerful, specialized hardware like GPUs, DSPs, or FPGAs and must operate reliably under varying real-world conditions, necessitating extensive testing.

MicroEJ accelerates the integration of embedded vision systems by providing a secure application container environment optimized for low power microcontrollers (MCUs) and microprocessors (MPUs). This platform streamlines the development and deployment of embedded vision applications, enabling quick creation and testing. With MicroEJ, developers can overcome the challenges of embedded vision systems, achieving faster time-to-market and higher product quality.

MicroEJ Face Recognition Demo on STM32F746G-DISCOVERY Board

Below is a demo example showcasing a face recognition GUI app using AVNET Silica Embedded Vision System on an STM32F46 Discovery Board, powered by MICROEJ VEE.



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