Four Months From Specifications To Production

The Bong X2 smartwatch delivers time, heart rate monitoring and steps information to the user. The user experience is unique as it has no button or touch screen: it just operates by natural wrist gestures!


Quickly create featured-rich smartwatches

Bong‘s challenges for designing the X2 smartwatch were:

  • Accelerate from specification to market launch
  • Add quickly new features to face competition
  • Create derivatives to rapidly extend their portfolio

MicroEJ In Action

Fast Go To Market For Earlier Revenues

Accelerate product development by a factor of two

Bong developers were able to develop the application software on a virtual device (business code and embedded GUI) while the hardware and MICROEJ VEE software platform were designed by an other team.

Application development and hardware design were preformed in parallel and were validated separately: their integration only took a couple of weeks before getting to mass production.


Add new features quickly in an incremental manner

Bong could deliver a new feature within one week instead of five, which represents a dramatic increase in software development productivity.

This could be achieved by using Object Oriented Programming and component frameworks promoted by MicroEJ solutions that simplifies code changes for maintenance and upgrades.

Reuse software for the next product

To create a consistent product range (same branding) while leveraging latest electronic innovations (processing, low-power), Bong developers could take advantage of MicroEJ software portability across processors and RTOS’s to reuse their investment in Graphical User Interface (GUI) software design.

They could create product derivatives with new electronics without jeopardizing their software application.

"We are really pleased to work with MicroEJ. MicroEJ team was helpful in providing us the technical and business assistance that made the X2 project a success."
Sun DAPENG, Co-founder of Bong

X2 benefits from MicroEJ

The Bong X2 smartwatch was developed in four months only, twice faster than usual and allows to create additional features as the competition and the market move.


Product overview

The X2 in short

The Bong X2 has a 176*176 color square LCD and runs on an ARM Cortex-M4 low-power microcontroller, which makes it very cost- and power-effective (estimated stand-by time is 15 days). Connectivity is powered by Bluetooth 4.0.


  • Sleep monitor,
  • Sports tracking,
  • Heart rate monitor,
  • SMS synchronization,
  • Incoming call reminder,
  • Raise up your wrist / double-click to light up,
  • Turn over your wrist to select, double-click to confirm
  • Shake your wrist to cancel