Editor and manufacturer of HR management and badge solutions, Bodet Software integrates MicroEJ technology for the software development of its new connected access control reader, the Kelio Xtrem terminal.

Boston, January 4, 2022

MicroEJ, a leader in software enablement solutions for IoT and embedded devices, today announced its collaboration with Bodet Software, which is integrating the MICROEJ VEE solution (Virtual Execution Environment and software application containerization) into the design of their new badge and access control terminal, the Kelio Xtrem terminal.

This collaboration meets Bodet Software’s objectives to:

  • Unify the development processes of high-end products with those of constrained products based on simple processors, and thus take full advantage of the gains inherent in their software production “factory.”
  • Launch a cost-constrained product more quickly and improve its maintainability.

For 20 years, the company has had a Research & Development team that designs its embedded software in a high-level object-oriented language in order to interact with its range of badge terminals, and in particular, its Kelio Visio X7 connected touchscreen badge reader. Bodet Software has developed an optimized development process, the “software factory”. The principle is based on the concept of virtualization to parallelize the conception of electronics and software, improve product maintainability and guarantee their evolution over time, thus cutting development time in half and accelerating go-to-market for new products.

Thanks to MicroEJ, this same development process is now available for lighter connected terminal ranges such as the Kelio Xtrem terminal.

For this new product with simplified functionality, Bodet Software was able to reproduce its software factory model usually reserved for more complex products: organize a “hardware & software platform” development team on one side, and a “software applications” development team on the other.

Before to the use of MICROEJ VEE, the devices were developed in two separate phases: electronic design by a first team, and software application design by a second team. Now, thanks to the virtualization offered by MICROEJ VEE, the second team can develop the application functions on a simulator without waiting for the availability of the hardware product.

“We are delighted that our partner MicroEJ, brought its virtualization and containerization technology to our R&D teams for the conception of the Kelio Xtrem Terminal. It was important for our engineering team to keep their current design process available on more powerful hardware without impacting electronics costs. With MICROEJ VEE, we were able to maintain our software factory and processes without using processors that are too complex and expensive for this type of system. In addition, these products now take advantage of the benefits of containment to enhance their reliability and security. These are commitments to our customers’ satisfaction.”

Said Julien MAURY, Product Manager at Bodet Software.

Today, MicroEJ allows Bodet Software to use a standard, safe and secure solution that has become the reference solution for the development of electronic products with a strong software component. The advantages of MICROEJ VEE are numerous:

  • Reduce time-to-market by two.
  • Unify the development process for a wide range of electronic products.
  • Facilitate maintenance: MICROEJ VEE allows software teams to maintain and integrate new features without disrupting the design teams of new electronic products.
  • Capitalize on software assets: MICROEJ VEE promotes the reuse of software investments across product lines.

“We are proud and delighted to have met Bodet Software’s expectations for the Kelio Xtrem Terminal project, offering three competitive advantages:

1) Adaptation to their legacy design process;

2) Better technical and economic compromise for cost control;

3) Facilitation of long-term product maintenance.

At CES 2022 in Las Vegas, the Kelio Xtrem Terminal will be one of the products on display in our booth to showcase our customers’ innovative capabilities to the largest number of visitors.”

Says Fred RIVARD, CEO of MicroEJ.

MicroEJ will be present at CES 2022 (Venetian Expo, Hall A-D, booth 52529) as well as at CES Unveiled in Las Vegas, a unique opportunity to share new IoT (Internet of Thing) trends and present MicroEJ’s growth and future goals.

About Bodet

For more than 30 years, Bodet Software, a subsidiary of the Bodet Group, has been a publisher, integrator and trainer of IT solutions in three areas

  • Human Resources management solutions
  • Online payroll management
  • Security and access control solutions for buildings

Based in France, the company distributes its solutions in more than 60 countries through its 5 subsidiaries and its network of distributors abroad. It currently has nearly 35,000 customers – 5 million daily users – including Amazon, Charal, Groupe Banque Populaire, SNCF, Hilton, La Poste, etc. Certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, Bodet Software is recognized for the quality of its products and services. Bodet Software packages and hardware are designed and manufactured in France. Bodet Software employs 440 people in France and had a turnover of €50.2 million in 2020.

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About MicroEJ

MicroEJ is a software vendor of cost-driven solutions for embedded and IoT devices. We are focused on providing device manufacturers with secure products in markets where software applications require high performance, compact size, energy efficiency, and cost-effective development.

Today, over 100 million products sold, have already chosen MicroEJ to design electronic product applications in a large variety of industries, including smart home, wearables, healthcare, industrial automation, retail, telecommunications, smart city, building automation, transportation, etc.

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