MicroEJ’s Standard Connectivity Libraries

Explore MicroEJ’s standard connectivity libraries

Explore MicroEJ’s standard connectivity libraries, designed to provide developers with essential tools to streamline networking and communication integration into connected devices.


The ECOM-Network Library manages network interfaces by allowing IP configuration, enabling/disabling interfaces via software, and starting/stopping them to manage power. For instance, in a system with Ethernet as the main interface and 3G as backup, the library switches to 3G if Ethernet fails and reverts when Ethernet is restored, ensuring seamless connectivity and efficient power management.


As a utility library, ECOM-Wifi facilitates Wi-Fi connectivity for IoT devices. It offers a suite of functionalities, including the ability to manage connections to Wi-Fi access points, scan for available networks, join Wi-Fi networks using their SSID, and configure devices for SoftAP mode. This comprehensive solution empowers developers to create IoT systems with reliable and flexible Wi-Fi connectivity capabilities.

NET Library

This library is built upon the standard java.net API, providing developers with a powerful toolkit for network programming in IoT applications. With support for manipulating IP addresses, sockets, datagram sockets, HTTP and URL connections, as well as URL decoding and encoding, NET libraries offer a versatile and robust foundation for building sophisticated networking functionalities into IoT devices.

Bluetooth API Library

Designed specifically for BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) communication, the Bluetooth API Library offers a rich set of APIs for interacting with Bluetooth devices. It includes functionalities for device pairing and communication via Generic Attribute Profile (GATT) services, catering to the needs of both central and peripheral devices in Bluetooth networks.

Bluetooth Utility Library

Complementing the Bluetooth API Library, the Bluetooth Utility Library provides developers with additional utility methods essential for Bluetooth application development. Leveraging functionalities related to advertisement, GATT descriptors, and services, this library simplifies the implementation of advanced Bluetooth features.

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