MicroEJ IoT libraries

MicroEJ IoT libraries are designed to empower developers with optimized tools for building robust, scalable, and secure IoT communications, leveraging added-value cloud services. Here are a few highlights of our extensive IoT libraries for smart, connected devices:

Android Connectivity Framework

MicroEJ’s implements an optimized version of the Android Connectivity Framework enabling IoT devices to monitor and manage their internet connectivity through the Connectivity Manager. By integrating this framework, devices can detect network availability, handle connection changes, and ensure consistent communication with cloud services, thereby enhancing their reliability and user experience.

Hoka Web Server

Hoka is our lightweight and efficient web server library, empowers developers to integrate powerful web server functions in any IoT devices. With its streamlined architecture and optimized performance, Hoka enables the rapid development and deployment of web-based IoT solutions, enhancing connectivity and accessibility for end-users. For more information about Hoka, visit: https://www.microej.com/hoka-http-web-server/

MQTT Client (MicroPaho)

MicroPaho is a lightweight MQTT client library inspired by Eclipse Paho, designed to facilitate efficient MQTT protocol communication in IoT environments. This library offers seamless migration from existing Paho Java applications, ensuring compatibility and ease of use for developers.
With its efficient and compact codebase, MicroPaho minimizes resource consumption while delivering maximum performance, making it an ideal choice for constrained IoT deployments.

REST Client (Resty)

Resty, our custom HTTP client library, simplifies the integration of RESTful services into IoT applications. With its intuitive API and support for common HTTP methods such as GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE, Resty streamlines the process of handling HTTP requests and responses, enabling developers to effortlessly incorporate RESTful services into their IoT solutions.

NTP Client

Our NTP client library ensures accurate time synchronization for IoT devices, enhancing reliability and precision in time-sensitive applications. Built upon the Android implementation, this library offers lightweight and efficient time synchronization capabilities compliant with the Internet’s NTP infrastructure, ensuring consistent and accurate timekeeping across IoT devices.

AWS IoT Core Client

The AWS IoT Java SDK effortlessly integrates with the AWS IoT platform, enabling developers to securely access and interact with AWS IoT services from embedded devices running on MICROEJ VEE. With support for MQTT connection over TLS, MQTT topic Pub/Sub, and AWS Device Shadow management, MicroEJ’s AWS IoT Java SDK provides developers with the tools they need to build robust and secure IoT solutions on the AWS platform.

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