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White Paper: Build Supply Chain Resilience by Taking Advantage of Portable Software Containers

“The semiconductor shortage will severely disrupt the supply chain and will constrain the production of many electronic equipment types in 2021. Foundries are increasing wafer prices, and in turn, chip companies are increasing device prices,” said Kanishka Chauhan, principal research analyst at Gartner. 

Three years after the start of the pandemic, manufacturers are still impacted by the chip shortage. The latest news from Ukraine does not improve this situation as the country is known to supply more than half of the world’s neon gas, vital for semiconductor production.

MicroEJ’s virtualization technology allows manufacturers to source from different suppliers and facilitate the design of electronic products. This multi-sourcing strategy significantly reduces any potential risk to supply capabilities and thus builds a resilient supply chain.

By downloading this white paper, learn how portable software containers such as MICROEJ VEE help you build supply chain resilience to keep production lines running and considerably reduce financial risks.