Julien serves as Software Engineering Manager – VEE Systems and leads the team in charge of porting and supporting the MicroEJ virtual core on various embedded devices.

He is part of the Customer Care Division, and customer satisfaction is his daily motivation. Julien likes to challenge himself, explore new areas, and constantly learn.  He wants his team to do the same, exceed expectations, and achieve the highest quality standards. Julien has spent his entire professional career in embedded systems and is passionate about embedded technology, joining MicroEJ early on. Initially motivated by technological challenges, he learned to appreciate and develop skills in other areas such as management, human relations, and communication. Julien loves that MicroEJ forces him out of his comfort zone, challenging him on technological complexity and honing his management skills. He manages an international team between France, Romania, China, and the US. Julien understands that the company’s growth expectations will require accelerating the industrialization of processes and scaling the team, and this is a challenge he is ready to take on.

Julien Courcelle

Software Engineering Manager
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Julien graduated from the University of Nantes with a Professional Master’s Degree (M2) in Software Architecture. He came valedictorian of his class.

Languages Spoken

English, French