Frederic serves as a CTO and VP Product at MicroEJ and is responsible for the entire product’s consistency, architecture, and future evolutions.

Frederic is one of the pillars of MicroEJ’s technical excellence. After years of embedded software development, he was one of the first engineers recruited by MicroEJ in 2012. Frederic was involved in all early successes, including the release of the MVP, as well as accompanying the very first customers. At MicroEJ, he was immediately won over by the project, especially by its high technological level and permanent intellectual stimulation.
Besides his core compilation and virtual machine activities, Frederic also designed and organized the technology key concepts & workflows. Frederic sees himself as an “architect-engineer” at heart, fascinated by the untapped potential of MicroEJ’s unique technology. Frederic is very proud of the many customer products “Powered by MicroEJ” on the market and is convinced of the success and future growth of the company.

Frederic Riviere

CTO and VP Product
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Frederic graduated from the University of Nantes with a Professional Master’s Degree (M2) in Software Architecture. He came valedictorian of his class.

Languages Spoken

English, French