François serves as Chief Finance Officer at MicroEJ and defines the financial strategy.

François has been an expert in financing for over 30 years and delivers outstanding financial value by capitalizing on his extensive experience. In his career, he has been a forerunner in increasingly complex financial arrangements by working for financing organizations, banks, and then for his own company. The business side of finance inspires François: he wants to understand the leaders’ ambitions, propose his talent “to juggle with numbers,” and define models adapted to the leadership’s needs.
In several instances, François had the opportunity to support fast-growing international companies. As a management team member, he addressed core business subjects along with his financial responsibilities. Since the beginning, François has helped Fred at the critical moments of MicroEJ’s evolution. He joined the team full-time in 2021 to support the next growth stage and is incredibly excited to be part of this adventure.

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François You

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François graduated from the IAE of Lyon with a master’s degree in Economic and Social Administration.

Languages Spoken

English, French