MicroEJ Store:
Cloud-based Services and Application Deployment To Your IoT Devices

MicroEJ Store for application deployment

Build Your Own Marketplace To Ease Application Deployment

MicroEJ Store for Application Deployment enables OEMs to create an ecosystem around their products. As part of this ecosystem, users of MicroEJ-ready devices can extend the functionality of their devices and subscribe to Cloud-based services through applications, just as with smartphones and tablets. OEMs can choose to run a closed ecosystem to make sure apps are only published by their own developers, or choose to run an open ecosystem and moderate the publication of 3rd-parties application developers.

Manage, Distribute,
and Monetize Your Applications

MicroEJ Store provides Cloud-based services to deploy applications to MicroEJ-ready devices. MicroEJ Store allows OEMs to manage users, expose devices, distribute, and monetize applications.
Applications are developed with MicroEJ Studio and run on MicroEJ VEE.

A Customizable Turnkey Solution

MicroEJ Store is a turnkey solution, customizable, secure, and robust. It can be deployed on public (e.g. store.microej.com) or private cloud.

The store can be operated either under the MicroEJ brand or under your own brand.

The MicroEJ Store server exposes REST and JSON API so customized services can be created.

microej Turnkey solutions
MicroEJ Store

Create an ecosystem around your products

Manufacturers can publish specifications of their MicroEJ-ready devices – called virtual devices – on the MicroEJ Store. Virtual devices specify precisely the capabilities and set of APIs offered by the built-in MicroEJ VEE. It guides application developers for those devices. It also provides simulation capabilities to ease application development, debug and test.

Specific MicroEJ applications, called agents, can be delivered to enable access to Cloud platforms and services for device management, data collection, and analytics or other purposes.

End-users will be able to download applications for their devices from the MicroEJ Store. An application can be either installed through a smartphone and pushed to device, or installed directly from the MicroEJ Store embedded in device.

MicroEJ Studio is a FREE Java IDE built on Eclipse and dedicated to application developers. With MicroEJ Studio, application developers will be able to code and test applications for a virtual device published on MicroEJ Store.

Modular application deployment

MicroEJ Store is built on cloud technologies enabling modular and secured deployment. These cloud technologies also allow scalability up to million connections with:

  • container-based architecture,
  • load balancing,
  • user authentication,
  • backup/restore operations,
  • firewall,
  • QoS tracking,
  • secured communications.

Delivered services include: users, applications and devices management, application build and compliance check against virtual devices, application, virtual device, and firmware publication.

MicroEJ Store for application publishing

A secure solution

Security is at the heart of all MicroEJ solutions at all levels: device software, communications, store server, and third-party Cloud services.

  • At the device level:
    • Secure app execution through sandboxing and download from trusted server only
    • Apps identification with signed certificates
    • Hardware and firmware identification with unique IDs
    • Secure data collection and storage through encryption
  • At the communications level:
    • Secure communications with SSL/TLS and HTTPS
  • At store server level:
    • Secure hardware, firmware and user authentication and pairing with unique IDs and through the OAuth protocol
    • App binary verification for a target firmware
  • At third-party cloud platform levels:
    • Secure data transmission & exploitation through encryption and anonymization

MicroEJ allows the identification of all devices running the MicroEJ VEE and connected to the MicroEJ Store. This allows authenticating and securing the use of those devices, as well as putting in place business models differentiated for each devices, such as the exploitation of the data delivered by those devices and delivery of subscription-based services to users of those devices.

MicroEJ software solution identifies devices from any vendor based on their defined vendor ID, combined with a unique and unfalsifiable character string attached to the device hardware (in silicon).

Vendors already supported by MicroEJ are:

  • STMicroelectronics STM32x and STM32J family
  • Renesas Synergy family
  • NXP i.MX family
  • NXP Kinetis family
  • Renesas RX family
  • Renesas RZ family

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