Build connected devices,
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Profitable Software Solutions for Connected Devices

solutions for connected devices

MicroEJ product line offers profitable solutions for connected devices to OEMs, application developers and service providers for device software development, application development, and application deployment.

MicroEJ VEE is optimized for the wide range of IoT hardware architectures and enables device manufacturers to deliver differentiating firmware using MicroEJ Workbench tools.

MicroEJ Studio allows application developers to write applications for those devices, and publish them to the MicroEJ Store from which they can be downloaded by device users.

Introducing new user experiences

MicroEJ enables delivering user experience and business models similar to mobile Internet for embedded and connected devices with strong cost constraints and strict resource limitations (processor performance, RAM and flash memory footprint, low-power).

MicroEJ also combines the techniques and methods that drove the PC and mobile Internet software industry, with the complex technical foundations of embedded systems (fragmented processor architectures and hardware-dependent software).

With MicroEJ solutions, OEMs use proven methods that cut software development time and cost. They create software that delivers incredible user experience and adjusts to Internet business needs.

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