Software Simulation, Tools
Secure Execution, Incremental Deployment,
for any Cost-Effective Electronic Device

Virtualization Middleware for Electronic Devices

Applications Characteristics MicroEJ
Virtual Execution Environment icon microej
Non- MicroEJ
Virtualization middleware for smartphones
RAM 32KB < ram < 15MB > 32 MB, usually > 1GB
Flash 128 KB < flash < 15MB > 32 MB, usually >1GB
CPU Speed start at 16Mhz > 200 MHz, usually > 1Ghz
Exec. in place  Yes No
RTOS/OS FreeRTOS, Micrium, ThreadX, mbed OS, embOS,
Proprietary, QP/C, Baremetal, VxWorks, PikeOS,
GHS, Linux
 Linux (for Android) / XNU( for iOS)
Boot time < 25 ms From 5.000 ms to > 30.000 ms
ISA families MCU, MPU, SoC
ARM (Cortex M0+/M3/M4/M7/A5/A7/A9 – ARM7/9) /
MIPS32 / RX / TriCore / V850
Roadmap : ARC, ANDES, Tensillica
MPU with MMU
Generic Libraries UI/UX, Network, Security, Components, IoT, File, Numeric, generic IO UI/UX, Network, Security, Components, IoT, File, Numeric, IO
Virtual devices Yes Yes
Application store  Yes (static link & dynamic link)  Yes (static link & dynamic link)
Multi-sandboxes  Yes  Yes
Main languages C, Java C, Java(Android) / Objective-C (iOS)

Profitable Software Solutions for Any Cost Effective Devices

solutions for connected devices[/one_third]<div class="two_third last"></div><div class="clear"></div>

MicroEJ product line offers profitable solutions to :

  • OEMs for cost effective devices design
  • Application Developers
  • Service providers

MicroEJ solution will help those actors in the field of (embedded) software development and deployment.

MicroEJ Virtual Execution Environment (VEE) is optimized for the wide range of hardware architectures and peripherals. It enables device manufacturers to deliver differentiating firmware using MicroEJ Workbench tools.

MicroEJ Studio free tool allows application developers to write software services Powered by MicroEJ devices, store them to a MicroEJ Store from which they can be used to create a full firmware either at
design time (monolithic firmware) or at run-time by downloading services on                                                                                                                                            devices (secure dynamic multi-sandboxes firmware).

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