MicroEJ SDK support for NXP processors

MicroEJ® is a scalable solution to prototype, develop, and test software applications for embedded systems designed with NXP processors. The MicroEJ embedded platform concept drastically lowers costs of building applications, using modern software technologies inherited from the Java technology: Object Oriented Programming and Virtualization. It enables software developers to create portable and scalable applications, easy to maintain and reliable while keeping memory footprints and low power consumption. Typical markets include smart appliances, home and building automation, industrial control, healthcare, networking, smart energy and cities.

As a result of the strong collaboration between NXP and MicroEJ, MicroEJ SDK supports the FRDM-KL46Z, ARM Cortex-M0+, the Kinetis K70, ARM Cortex-M4, and the LPCXpresso54608, ARM Cortex-M4, MCUs. The MicroEJ solution is ready to be evaluated with these boards. MicroEJ includes everything required to start a HMI development on these boards and run a Java application in less than a few hours.

GUI of a Connected Washing Machine demo developed with MicroEJ and running on NXP K65 TWR board:

Key features

  • Java platforms for NXP associated with IAR Embedded Workbench and Keil MDK compilers, with Micrium µC/OS,
  • Easy interface with C, C++, ASM code to integrate any hardware configurations or middleware such as BSP/RTOS,
  • MicroEJ Workbench for Eclipse™,
  • Embedded and emulation runtimes for PC-based simulation, rapid prototyping, debugging and test coverage analysis,
  • OOP: MicroEJ is based on the Java technology and supports abstraction, encapsulation, messages, functions, inheritance, polymorphism, etc.
  • Small Java virtual machine: less than 30 KB Flash and less than 1.5 KB RAM, less than 2 ms startup time at 120 MHz,
  • GUI development tools: Font Designer to create fonts, Story Board Designer for instant PC-simulation, Front Panel Designer to extend the Java platform simulator,
  • Localization: Unicode-UTF8, all languages and special characters managed. External localization files also usable.
  • MicroUI™ (Micro User Interface) and MWT (Micro Widget Toolkit) graphical libraries:
    • Screen resolution: MicroEJ Embedded UI supports the full range of available displays
    • Depth: from 1-bit to 32-bit
    • Type: graphic or alpha-numeric
    • Themes: Dynamic Look & Feel changes
    • Images: Any format at application deployment stage, PNG at runtime, dynamic transformation
    • Fonts: Bitmap, PNG, JPG, GIF, TTF, four-level (2-bits) anti-aliasing
    • Input/Output management
    • Buttons, rotary switches, keyboards,
    • Single touch, multi touch screens (resistive, capacitive), calibration, debouncing, mouse-like-pointers, etc.
    • Any sound mechanisms supported: buzzer, PWM, etc.
    • Any kind of LEDs supported
  • 1-year subscription with hardware dongle,
  • Helpdesk.

Evaluation, pricing, and availability

MicroEJ SDK is available for download and test.
Contact us to get more information about pricing and licensing. A sales representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

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