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MicroEJ supports Murata Type 1LD module

MicroEJ solutions now support the ultra-small WiFi + Bluetooth + MCU module through a specific development board Type 1LD EVB to offer a rich software platform mixing C and Java technologies for IoT application development.

What are Murata 1LD Module specificities?

The 1LD type module is small size (8.9 x 7.8 x 1.2 mm) and is dedicated to highly integrated IoT devices using a single processor for both communication and software application.

Type 1LD is a small module based on CYW43438 combo chipset + STM32F412 MCU, which support Wifi 802.11b/g/n + Bluetooth 4.1

Using the MicroEJ Virtual Execution Environment APIs for network, Bluetooth, file system, and other on-module peripherals, developers can build applications managing short range wireless connectivity over BLE, collect and process data, and easily connect to Cloud service providers.

The platform combining MicroEJ solutions and Murata modules is ideal
to create low-cost and low-power IoT edge devices.

MicroEJ VEE offers many benefits for software developers:

Software execution supports C and Java technologies

  • When designing a single chip device, low-level software dealing with MCU peripherals such as ADC or SPI can use C code.
  • Application software related to BLE connectivity and Cloud connectivity can be easily designed with Java technology.

Application software is independent from Cypress (WICED) / ST (Cube) SDKs

  • MicroEJ virtualization provides a high abstraction level and application software layers are independent from RTOS, C compiler and even processor architectures. When updating the Type 1LD module firmware, application software is therefore kept unchanged.

Software robustness is improved

  • MicroEJ virtualization prevents system level functions to crash when application level encountered issues. It greatly improves software robustness, which is critical for IoT applications.

Demo of an AWS connected thermostat on Murata 1LD build with MicroEJ software

This new platform concept targets the following markets:

  • Home automation devices
  • Home appliances
  • Heating systems
  • Industrial automation

The entire MicroEJ offer is now available to be downloaded for Murata Type 1LD customers.


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