Accelerate your product development

By adding agility and continuous integration to your development process, MicroEJ allows you to strip out the heaviness of the embedded software complexity (multiple devices, RTOS, OS…), reuse your code and software assets, integrate design to value to your product development, and streamline your path from prototyping to development, testing and deployment.

Our “write once, deploy it everywhere” philosophy allows you to create software that is adaptable across an entire fleet of devices, improve time to market, reduce your BoM, and leverage synergies across product lines.

Eliminate the need for hardware

Through THE only standard, secure platform for the smart things market: smart home, home appliances, wearables, energy and utilities, factory automation, medical devices, etc. MICROEJ VEE (Virtual Execution Environment) expands what made Android successful to any kind of embedded devices, by embedding the full standard language of Java to create an on-board service.

Create your Virtual Device

Access a rich set of tools and enable fast software development and hardware simulation. MICROEJ SDK provides you with everything you need to build your own MICROEJ VEE that can be flashed to devices and allows creating virtual embedded devices to develop application software without hardware availability.

Start prototyping

Create your app right away with best in class free libraries (GUI, sensors and actuators, IoT protocols…). Through MICROEJ SDK, load the Virtual Device of your choice (hardware mockup or your own). Run your apps on the virtual device simulator, or directly on your own device through MICROEJ FORGE.

Connect the dots

MICROEJ Forge connects your software assets (libraries, apps, connectors…) and all of your stakeholders through a secure repository. External applications are fully managed in binary, therefore they can’t access directly to code, objects or threads.

Turn your device into an open application system and create more value

Take advantage of MICROEJ Studio and open your device to over 10 million Java developers. Device manufacturers can use the Virtual Device Builder to create their own virtual devices and make it available through a white label application store.

Thanks to MicroEJ’s secure multi-app trusted execution (sandboxes), your device stays protected against any bugs or infections.

MicroEJ32: the heart at the core of embedded electronics

MicroEJ’s Virtual Execution Environment is based on MicroEJ32, a 32-bit software standard processor with unrivaled performances. With less than 50KB core size, 1KB RAM and 20ms boot time, our technology allows you to achieve the highest possible performance, even on low-cost microcontrollers (MCU), microprocessors (MPU) and systems on chip (SoC).


Business Model

MicroEJ features a royalty-free business model of its Intellectual Property, based on multi-year contracts, making it simple to conduct long term business synergies with partners and customers. MicroEJ supports its revenues through a strong R&D center to anticipate and meet the ongoing requirements of its dedicated enterprise customer base. MicroEJ also extends its standard product platform components by leveraging its powerful ecosystem of partners across silicon and software vendors, IoT, Cloud and Electronic Manufacturing Services companies.