Make your Graphical User Interfaces Meet your Customer Expectations

Intuitive Graphical User Interfaces greatly influence product perception: easy access to valuable functions, ergonomics and look&feel are crucial factors driven by design, marketing and R&D.


Make it right, fast, consistent and manage your costs

Team work

With MicroEJ prototyping tools you can optimize synergies within your project teams.

MICROEJ SDK offers you to create your Virtual Device powered by MicroEJ simulation tools and to simulates touch displays and other mechanical elements such as buttons, LEDs, etc.

Using simulation, all stakeholders (design, marketing, engineers and even executives) can be involved in fast decision-making loops for design the best User’s Experience.

Unify your brand image

MICROEJ VEE provides software portability across a wide range of products. Developers can share the same graphical widgets code or other functionality provided by software across all product ranges.

By reusing the same GUI software, developers keep product branding unified whatever electronic architecture choices and end-customers can immediately recognize your brand.

Design to cost

Appealing and ergonomic graphical user interfaces often generate additional costs because of their requirements: memory usage, displays size and processor performances.
Thanks to the prototyping tool (Virtual Devices) and analysis tools, you can figure out memory costs required by a UI design.
Software portability provided by MICROEJ VEE run-time lets you instantaneously port your GUI from the simulator to ready-to use development board and find out potential performance issues.

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Key Features to Make an Effective Design to Cost Graphical User Interface

Easy prototyping

MICROEJ SDK provide tools to create a Virtual Device with a front panel, a display, various button types, LEDs, etc. so that the prototyped GUI can be exercised in a realistic electro-mechanical environment.
In addition, the Virtual Device allows to measure major indicators such as embedded memory (RAM, Flash) required by the UI and help in making right decisions when cost matters.

Easy to use framework

MicroEJ GUI frameworks called MicroUI and MWT are easy to use GUI software libraries. Their APIs are well designed and use well know patterns mastered by any UI designers, especially experiences people on Android and iOS.
Those libraries are also very robust (automatic resource release, thread-safe, etc.) and really fast in execution so that complex UI design can execute without any problems, even on low cost microcontrollers.


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Developer Friendly Set of Graphical User Interface Libraries / Framework

Micro User Interface (MicroUI)

  • 2D graphics (vector & raster)
  • Leverage hardware accelerations
  • Internationalization
  • Hardware-like buttons or LED
  • Touch & multi-touch
  • Thread-safe
  • Model-View-Controller pattern

Micro Widget Toolkit (MWT)

  • Composite and layout
  • Look & Feel
  • Transitions & animations