Embedded GUI That Meet Your Customer Expectations

MicroEJ Embedded GUI solution provides you with the best Look & Feel and performance, even on low cost microcontrollers. Magnify your user experience thanks to professional GUI tools and libraries, greatly facilitate your GUI development, control your costs, speed up your time to market, re-use your software components and create more value.

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Make your Embedded GUI right, save time and manage your costs

Accelerate Design and Development

Faced with having to deliver a fixed price and a fixed scope project, developers, designers and marketers need to collaborate in order to be cost-efficient, agile and fast.

Thanks to MicroEJ’s simulation technology, quickly prototype your embedded GUI on virtual devices with fast iterations cycles and get more regular feedback from your stakeholders. Quickly validate your concept through real time rendering, compare functionalities versus costs and make faster decisions.


Impress your customers

Take advantage of impeccable, ultra-fast in execution embedded GUIs that will guarantee your customers a great looking product with an extended battery life.

Adding to the benefits of stunning graphics, rich animations and interactions, MicroEJ’s portability allow you to leverage your design investment by re-using the same graphical widgets for your whole line of products and create a distinctive user experience.

Do more with less

MicroEJ’s low-power embedded GUI solution reduces your electronics costs by optimizing memory (RAM/ROM) and hardware resource usage.

Thanks to our technology, you won’t need a high-performance processor to achieve best in class UI: MicroEJ UI Engine requires a very small memory footprint and can be executed by simple and low-cost processors starting from 1$ price point (microprocessors).

Our embedded GUI solution supports virtually any LCD display, which means you can easily port your GUI across any display/controller combination to meet your targeted budget.

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Key Features to Make an Effective Design to Cost Graphical User Interface

Easy prototyping

MICROEJ SDK provide tools to create a Virtual Device with a front panel, a display, various button types, LEDs, etc. so that the prototyped GUI can be exercised in a realistic electro-mechanical environment.
In addition, the Virtual Device allows to measure major indicators such as embedded memory (RAM, Flash) required by the UI and help in making right decisions when cost matters.

Easy to use framework

MicroEJ GUI frameworks called MicroUI and MWT are easy to use GUI software libraries. Their APIs are well designed and use well know patterns mastered by any UI designers, especially experiences people on Android and iOS.
Those libraries are also very robust (automatic resource release, thread-safe, etc.) and really fast in execution so that complex UI design can execute without any problems, even on low cost microcontrollers.


Discover how embedded systems success
looks like with MicroEJ

design user interface

Developer Friendly Set of Graphical User Interface Libraries / Framework

Micro User Interface (MicroUI)

  • 2D graphics (vector & raster)
  • Leverage hardware accelerations
  • Internationalization
  • Hardware-like buttons or LED
  • Touch & multi-touch
  • Thread-safe
  • Model-View-Controller pattern

Micro Widget Toolkit (MWT)

  • Composite and layout
  • Look & Feel
  • Transitions & animations