A Customizable Application Store for Manufacturers of Connected Devices
Scalability, cost-effectiveness, modularity, security and control for manufacturers, with a branded Application Store and applications that can be adapted according to their ecosystems’ needs.

  • Independency of manufacturers with the creation of their own application store and the choice of their apps
  • Scalability of connected devices with services developed at low cost and proposed according to manufacturers’ and users’ needs
  • Better profitability with longer product life time and continuous revenues.

Nantes, April 02, 2015 – IS2T, editor of MicroEJ®, a low consumption and memory footprint smartphone-like solution, revolutionizes the Internet of Things and launches its offer MicroEJ Wadapps under its own brand, also available in white label. Wadapps generalizes the successful concept of Application Stores for smartphones and includes the world first platform that lets manufacturers, in a secure and modular way, deploy services in the form of apps to their customers equipment, directly from their own branded store.
The Internet of Things revolution is urging to reduce development time while improving the products usability in order to meet their customer needs. IS2T can answer this demand with MicroEJ Wadapps that gives manufacturers the freedom to create and control their ecosystems. The manufacturers get a branded store where they can deploy custom applications for their products according to their customers’ needs.  This value add activity is particularly scalable as their offer get enhanced over time with a simple upload of apps to the store, thus enriching their already-installed equipment.

« Involved in the Internet of Things since more than 10 years, IS2T cooperates with leading companies such as STMicroelectronics, Atlantic, Audi, Bouygues Telecom, BSE Electronics, Delta Dore, Freescale, Gemü, Orange, SFR, Renesas, SEB, Sony, Schneider, Stago, Thales, Siemens, … that consider this solution as a major technical and economical step to accelerate the markets of connected devices”, said Fred Rivard, PhD, CEO of IS2T.
“ST has worked very hard with its IS2T partner to provide its customers with a standard and cost effective solution to rapidly develop applications and create personalized and scalable ecosystems. Connected devices companies will be able to develop innovative business models adding recurring revenue with new software services.” said Michel Buffa, Microcontroller Division Manager at STMicroelectronics.

In practice, the manufacturer creates and uploads its virtual connected objects to the Wadapps marketplace. The design teams uses the MicroEJ development kit to develop apps for these virtual connected objetcs. The apps are then also uploaded to Wadapps, to be downloaded on the electronic connected devices.
The Wadapps thechnology is compatible with all kinds of communication means (in push/pull mode): radio, Ethernet, Bluetooth, LoRa, wifi, subGiga, etc. Without compromising security, applications are by design confined to avoid jeopardizing themselves or modifying the initial configuration of the device.

MicroEJ Wadapps will be presented at the SIdO, the Internet of Things event that will take place in April 2015 in the Cité Internationale de Lyon.

About IS2T
IS2T is the editor of the MicroEJ® SDK to design, develop, and deploy flexible and compact apps to a wide range of devices from simple embedded systems with a small MCU, to mobiles and beyond. MicroEJ lets companies build rich Graphical User Interfaces, run fast numerical processing, manage multi-parties applications on the same platform, and deliver IoT services to users in a secure and robust environment. IS2T is trusted by customers from a large variety of industries including communication, automotive, energy, medical, aerospace, metering and building automation.

For more information : www.microej.com