Saint Pierre Montlimart and Nantes, 18 January 2016: LACROIX Electronics and MicroEJ have announced a partnership agreement to accelerate the development and production of IoT devices (Internet-of-Things) and embedded electronic products for the European market.

This partnership enables LACROIX Electronics to offer its services and its electronic assembly production resources for the design and production of “turn-key” electronic assemblies using MicroEJ software technologies for customers which want to subcontract all or part of their projects.

This partnership offers of both LACROIX Electronics and MicroEJ’s customers the means of saving time and cost in the development and production of their products, particularly for the R&D software part, which represents an increasing share of investments and innovation, and for the production costs of materials (Bill of Materials).

MicroEJ is the reference platform for specifying and developing intelligent, connected, interactive, scalable, regulated electronic products, all on a low-cost, low-consumption material base, particularly starting with 32-bit microcontrollers.

LACROIX Electronics has the know-how, resources and Europe-wide production capabilities which guarantee the success of a complex and innovative project, mixing both advanced electronics and embedded computing technologies. “This partnership enables our customers to access an efficient and affordable technology for their professional electronic products in the home automation, medical and industrial market segments. As LACROIX Electronics offers complete industrialisation, our customers can focus on their final application, enhancing their professional expertise” explained Mr. Stéphane Klajzyngier, Managing Director of LACROIX Electronics.

MicroEJ supplies a software platform for the IoT covering both the requirements for connectivity, processing and presentation of data relating to connected objects (MicroEJ OS) and the management of their software content via on-line distribution of applications (MicroEJ Application Store). “The MicroEJ solution enables user experience and service offering comparable to smartphones and tablets, but with a material cost which is ten times less. The MicroEJ software tools and technologies make a 2- to 10-fold decrease in development time possible. The partnership with LACROIX Electronics will make even greater savings in term of costs and time required for launching connected intelligent devices and embedded systems on the market” explained Dr. Fred Rivard, Chairman of the Board of MicroEJ.

lacroix partnership

6 January 2016, at the CES 2016 Trade Show in Las Vegas. From left to right: P. Cotte – Commercial Director EMEA MicroEJ; F. Rivard – Chairman of the Board MicroEJ; S. Klajzyngier – Managing Director LACROIX Electronic; S. Gervais – Strategic Innovation Director Group LACROIX.