Atlantic reinforces its growth using a mature engineering process to introduce its new, high-volume-shipment, smart-home-control product line, designed with IS2T’s MicroEJ technology and powered by the rich STM32 portfolio from STMicroelectronics.

Atlantic, one of the leading companies in climate-control engineering, is introducing a new general-purpose device for home-comfort control, based on a mature engineering approach: embedded platforms and simulation. The fast-growing market of home energy management driven by both energy regulations and new user experiences in electronics, has led Atlantic to find efficient solutions to drastically reduce product-development time and to enhance functionalities to match customers’ new expectations.

“The Atlantic success is based on our industrial engineering process that gives room to a close collaboration between marketing, engineers, and R&D teams. It relies on hardware and software platform principles that allow us to find the best value/technical trade-off for a product, to rapidly integrate new functions to expand our product range, to reduce product development cycles by accelerating specification process and of course delivering software on time,” said Laurent Gaussin, Electronic R&D Manager, Atlantic. “The STM32Java software platform offered by STMicroelectronics and designed by IS2T perfectly meets our expectations. It allows us to decouple hardware from software development life-cycles thanks to virtualization and simulation, to capitalize on graphical software components, and eventually reduce hardware and software integration to its bare minimum.”

As a pure player in the embedded software market, IS2T provides smart solutions for application platforms dedicated to electronic devices. “With STMicroelectronics, we have integrated the multi-rewarded MicroEJ® solution within the STM32 product line to build the STM32Java platforms including the rich set of available peripherals. STM32Java allows embedded-device manufacturers to save platform-design investments, and to concentrate their engineering resources on added-value creation. This strategy is the most effective one to address markets that require fast adaptations while reducing the Total Cost of Ownership of embedded software,” said Regis Latawiec, COO of IS2T,“customers benefit from highly integrated and easily customizable Java virtual platforms available for a wide range of STM32 MCU derivatives thanks to its low memory-footprint requirements (less than 30KBytes for code). For marketing teams, this approach allows to rapidly test and deploy new products and services.”

“Our customers spend more than 60% of their embedded-development resources on software. The STM32Java platform, easy to integrate in legacy design, allows our customers to get projects up and running quicker, make developer’s lives easier, and therefore save time and money. These benefits are pretty high on our priority list and keep us ahead of the competition,” explained Michel Buffa, General Manager, Microcontroller Division, STMicroelectronics.“ Atlantic leverages the full power of the Eclipse-based professional Java tools we released more than one year ago that feature simulators, seamless Java-to-C integration, smart RAM optimizer, together with all the benefits of a generic and high-level programming language.”

The combination of IS2T’s embedded Java technology with the ARM® Cortex™-M core processors make STMicroelectronics’ STM32 devices capable of supporting rich human-machine interfaces (HMI) in small, low-cost and power-efficient applications. It makes the STM32 microcontrollers the ideal hardware platform for today’s embedded markets.

About IS2T
IS2T is one of the leading providers of embedded software platforms, and in particular the world’s leading supplier of MCU-based embedded Java solutions. IS2T provides the MicroEJ® solution to design, develop and prototype flexible and compact embedded applications supported by a wide range of hardware systems. This innovative solution lets companies improve their ability to use the latest electronic innovations without impacting the Total Cost of Ownership of embedded software. It enables Marketing and R&D teams to quickly expand their embedded products range, reduce product development cycles, and increase engineering sustainability. IS2T is trusted by customers from a large variety of industries including communication appliances, automotive, energy, medical, aerospace, metering and building automation.
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About Atlantic
Atlantic’s various brands, now distributed in more than 100 countries worldwide, offer customers a range of products that meet fundamental house needs: water heaters and electric heaters, domestic and collective boilers, air conditioning, ventilation, and renewable energy sources. Atlantic experience with multiple energies (electrical, gas, domestic heating oil, solar, etc.) enables it to operate across the entire climate control engineering market: collective, domestic and service sector applications. Atlantic is a French brand. Further information on ATLANTIC can be found at