May 4, 2015 – IS2T, the editor of MicroEJ®, a low-memory footprint software platform, and of the MicroEJ Wadapps® application store, and BSE Electronic, experts in designing and manufacturing electronic solutions, today announced a partnership to design and manufacture connected devices in France.

With this partnership, IS2T and BSE Electronic have committed to uniting their strengths and expertise to best meet the needs of businesses on the Internet of Things market. Together, they intend to accelerate launches of high-volumes productions of connected devices. BSE Electronic leverages the integration of MicroEJ in complete solutions (hardware and software) to multiply the production capacity of its 4000 m2 ultra-modern site based in Le Creusot, Burgundy.

BSE, with a strong expertise in electronic systems design and manufacturing, enhances its know-how in the field of the Internet of Things, by using and recommending to its customers connected products powered by the MicroEJ software platform. This platform, much lighter and flexible than those available for Smartphones or PCs, enables manufacturers to develop electronic solutions faster at optimized costs. Its complete set of libraries, including rich dynamic solutions for advanced interactions, is used by BSE teams to quickly design connected products.

The partnership enables BSE and IS2T joint customers to get a “Made in France” ready-to-use solution to fully design, manufacture, and manage the logistic services of their connected devices. “At the forefront of innovation and excellence, BSE Electronic welcomes the technological choice of MicroEJ, whose performances enable, at a controlled cost, to quickly launch to the market products manufactured on a next-generation industrial site.” says Marc Balussaud, CEO of BSE Electronic. “As a leading company in electronic services in France, BSE Electronic is one of the few to combine electronic and embedded computing. Added to the agreements signed with global semiconductor providers, this partnership lets IS2T combine the efficiency of the MicroEJ platform with BSE’s expertise both in design of electronic systems and design-to-cost manufacturing” adds Fred Rivard, PhD, CEO of IS2T. “And with MicroEJ Wadapps, BSE Electronic and IS2T give stakeholders of the Internet of Things area a competitive edge with the ability to create ecosystems and count on recurring revenue.”

About BSE Electronic
BSE Electronic was founded in 1987 in Le Creusot, France. BSE Electronic offers its customers comprehensive solutions for design and manufacturing of cards and electronic equipment.
To support its customers in the race for success, BSE Electronic cultivates two fundamental principles: Excellence and Innovation.
•    Excellence: level of product quality, relationships with its ecosystem, technological choices and processes.
•    Innovation: because this is a topic at the heart of the concerns of their clients, BSE Electronic engineers are constantly developing their mastery of technology: embedded systems, real-time systems, ultra-low power, touch interface, wireless technologies etc.
BSE Electronic serves many sectors of the economy, including the most demanding, such as medical, energy, security, telecommunications, etc.

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About IS2T
IS2T is a leading editor of embedded software committed to provide manufacturers with solutions to rapidly bring value-add electronic products to the market. IS2T’s solutions – MicroEJ and Wadapps – drastically reduce Total Cost of Ownership of embedded systems by lowering bills of materials and engineering costs, and increase recurring revenue through the introduction of new usages and innovative business models.
IS2T experiences a strong and steady growth in a large variety of industries including home appliances, wearables, communication devices, energy, automotive, medical, industrial control, metering, and building automation. Its powerful network of partners from electronic components to manufacturers or embedded systems experts such as STMicroelectronics, Freescale, Renesas, etc. contributes to its global awareness. Today, more than 200 companies worldwide trust IS2T for their embedded systems.

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