Smart.Store: NXP to support both Android and MicroEJ, including application stores

After supporting Android virtualization technology on its high-end i.MX application processors with Android, NXP has extended virtualization to its entire portfolio of LPC-Kinetis microcontrollers and low-cost i.MX application processors with MicroEJ®.

Both Android and MicroEJ share the same languages, secure sandboxes and primary APIs, creating a de facto business continuum: Android for devices having memory sizes in tens of megabytes and MicroEJ for devices with very small footprints in kilobytes or a few megabytes.

To promote its extended software and hardware offering, NXP provides hardware starter kits, along with an Applications Store. Software components available on the NXP Smart.Store are ready-to-use for a wide range of starter-kits, thus delivering customers immediate competitive advantages: reducing project risk, speeding up time-to-market and increasing margins.


“Using a layered approach with the right selection of components to interface into both Android and MicroEJ Virtual Execution Environments results in a more complete and ready solution for our portfolio of processors”
Jean-Christophe Bodet, WW Lead Advanced Technology at NXP


What is available through the NXP Smart.Store?

The NXP Smart.Store extends the hardware starter kits offered by NXP to enable customers to experiment and test new IoT eco-systems at no cost. Customers can now envision and validate new and competitive solution capabilities while confirming the potential for new revenue streams very rapidly.

NXP Smart.Store offers customers to choose and implement components, representing the full value chain of an application store for IoT connected eco-systems. This includes:

  • Support all NXP-based devices
  • An environment to download and keep specific applications, while accessing hundreds of new app/libraries: IoT agents, HTML/REST servers, clocks, wearables, thermostats, etc
  • Samples of NXP Virtual Devices
  • Samples of NXP “Powered by MicroEJ” firmware
  • Remote device management

– Manage the lifecycle for all of your devices through full or partial firmware/apps updates

– Install/ uninstall signed application (security)

– Start/stop

– Dynamically configure in the field

  • Smart User Interfaces


What is the purpose of having an application store for NXP starter kits?

Designing cost-effective firmware requires dual skills: a solid understanding of Electrical Engineering, and a solid understanding of Computer Science.  Providing off-the-shelf, downloadable software components through the NXP Smart.Store in combination with hardware parts, leads to two main customer gains:

Reduce costs and risks while getting benefits from NXP’s extended processor portfolio

NXP has one of the most comprehensive and complete MCU & MPU portfolio within the silicon industry, while providing a wide range of heterogeneous solutions. The technology continuum created by the complementary association of MicroEJ and Android platforms, allows customers to leverage binary software assets across one NXP device to another. This promotes re-use across the same software components within the entire NXP portfolio. Once these reusable components are made available through the store, each software component accelerates application design, through the library of these NXP-validated binary software assets. This gives NXP’s customers a clear differentiation over its competitors.

Field innovation with newly created eco-systems

As soon a device gets connected, new downloadable services will allow customers to stay in touch with current market demands and to scale product functionality accordingly.

Dynamically deploying new applications onto NXP-based devices is a key requirement. The NXP Smart.Store is an intuitive starting point, and guides NXP customers on how to securely create an eco-system where innovation is a main focus. Designers can express their creativity through new design capabilities while embracing added business efficiencies; powered by MicroEJ NXP authorized devices.

MicroEJ Virtual Execution Environment (VEE) for MCU/MPU of NXP is made available through the NXP Smart.Store. Customers can now design and build high-performance, low-power and cost-effective smart embedded/IoT devices.


Do you want to create your Secured APP-oriented Connected Ecosystem?