MicroEJ 2.0 now available

MicroEJ 2.0

MicroEJ 2.0: Smarter embedded applications, faster UIs, and enhanced tools for better workflows


MicroEJ 2.0, the industry’s smallest and fastest standard development platform built on both C and Java technologies, brings increased functionalities and tools to design, prototype, test, debug, and deploy intelligent embedded applications.

MicroEJ is designed to streamline life of marketing and development teams from companies designing embedded devices. Its integrated prototyping technology enables instant PC simulation, engaging project’s stakeholders into a more collaborative and iterative work. MicroEJ full compatibility to the strong majority of microcontrollers/microprocessors architectures, including low cost MCUs, aims at reducing Total Cost of Ownership of embedded systems. Indeed, an application developed through MicroEJ will be compatible to a wide range of devices, without impact on software.