IS2T involved in the “Nouvelle France Industrielle” initiative


IS2T was invited yesterday at the Elysée for the 1st anniversary of the “Nouvelle France Industrielle”

This initiative aims at returning France to its rightful place among the major industrial countries. “Software and Embedded Systems” plan, one of the 34 industrial plans, sets up with the objective to focus the efforts on competition, employment, and targeted funding. The expanding market of Embedded Systems was clearly identified from the very beginning as an asset for France in the global industrial world. The French Embedded Systems’ Industry counts 220 000 professionals and directly impacts other industrial activities which represent around 1,5 billion jobs (meaning half of the existing industrial jobs).

IS2T is involved as a key provider for the development of a French execution platform targeting embedded software applications. Indeed, MicroEJ, edited by IS2T, provides solutions to Internet of Things and Smart Markets such as smart home/home automation, medical, home appliances, military, industrial equipment, or energy management. MicroEJ facilitates and accelerates the prototyping and development phases of electronic systems, while limiting overall project risk.