Webinar: IoT maintenance and upgrades

MicroEJ recently participated to a webcast on IoT maintenance and upgrades.

The panel discussion replay is available here.

This article from Tech Target gives you a complete overview of the discussion. You’ll also find a summary of the topics addressed here.

The discussion was organized around 3 main topics: development, deployment, and exploitation in the field of devices.


You should consider 3 design aspects when planning for field maintenance and upgrades of a device:

• Design for maintenance
• Enabling preventive maintenance
• Enabling corrective maintenance


How to ease maintenance in the field?

• From end customers point of view
• From operations/fleet management point of view
• From manufacturers point of view

Exploitation in the field of devices

How devices are managed? A complete infrastructure in the cloud or with enterprise servers is required for doing data intelligence, device management, and software content management.

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