Welcoming STM32 Fans to Embedded World 2017 contest!

STM32 Fans Embedded World 2017 Contest!

STMicroelectronics just launched a great video contest calling all STM32 fans to give a testimonial of their best experiences with the family of products.

stm32 fans contest: 3d printer prize

Why do I love STM32?

Are you a STM32 fan? Share a short video (60 sec max) about what you love with STM32! Developers working on these boards can post their videos before Wednesday March 15. The submission that will receive the maximum number of votes will win a RenkForce500 3D printer sponsored by Conrad.

The end of the contest will be celebrated at Embedded World in Nürnemberg, Germany on Wednesday, March 15., at 5.30 pm at the Fan Zone (Hall 4A).