Welcome to MicroEJ Community!

Last week was very busy for MicroEJ. We prepared the launch of the MicroEJ Community that lies at the heart of the MicroEJ solutions. We expect the MicroEJ Community to be joined by IoT professionals, tech enthusiasts, and embedded software experts. We hope the community finds the next uses of everyday IoT devices in markets such as home automation, wearables, small electronic devices, smart energy, smart metring, etc.

First step to MicroEJ Community: MicroEJ Studio for developing your apps

get started with MicroEJ CommunityAs a first step, we released MicroEJ Studio. With MicroEJ Studio, developers get a complete software development environment to create portable and secure embedded apps for MicroEJ-ready connected devices. MicroEJ Studio is built on Eclipse which makes it easy to use, and enables to develop applications using the Java language.

Java developers can download MicroEJ Studio for free and begin to code applications with or without an evaluation board. Indeed, Developers can load Virtual Devices into MicroEJ Studio to easily start developing on a simulator. Developers also can use evaluation boards from STMicroelectronics, NXP, and Renesas Electronics. Additional MicroEJ-ready devices and evaluation boards from various OEMs and silicon vendors should be available throughout 2016.

Developer.microej.com for technical resources

We also released a new Developer website. It is the place where developers can find full technical documentation, examples, and topics to help them build their first applications. This website and its content should also evolve throughout 2016. We’ll keep you posted.

Community.microej.com for publishing your apps

Along with the Developer website, we released a new Community website which includes a MicroEJ Store. Developers now can upload applications developed with MicroEJ Studio to this store. Thus, users are enable to download these apps for free directly onto their evaluation boards or MicroEJ-ready devices. To upload an application to MicroEJ Store, developers will just have to create an account and follow few steps indicated online.

We encourage everyone to contribute and we’re looking forward to building a strong MicroEJ community around our IoT solutions.

We expect developers to take full advantages of MicroEJ capabilities in their apps by using features like user interfaces, animations, sensors and I/O data, connectivity, antialiasing, etc. to bring far more powerful applications to the IoT arena than ever before.