Wear a part of your truck

Scania, the Swedish truck making company, announced their first product dedicated to drivers: a smartwatch that offers handy information about truck technical data and of course added value statistics over a period of time.

In the product teaser, Scania unveils their willing to extend their truck systems to new directions: not only to the truck companies with fleet management systems, but also to drivers by providing them with a better integration with their trucks using wearable electronic devices.
Here we are! A single device like a watch will have to integrate parts of our surrounding environment to keep one eye on key indicators we have decided to monitor. One can believe you will not want to wear one watch per environment type and would expect any of these to be able to integrate your preferred watches.
The Scania wristwatch is actually based on the Sony Smartwatch 3 fuelled by Android Wear and therefore requires an Android smartphone to operate. In the future, we can expect such systems to run a smarter operating system, smaller with less energy demand as of today but with more rich features that would allow standalone products to run 3rd party software applications from different environment providers such as truck manufacturers, healthcare, etc.
The concept of multi-application embedded software platforms that dissociates device manufacturers and application/service providers is just emerging. This will dramatically change the embedded market still driven by hardware and this is what we should be prepared to. And trust us, we work hard on it at IS2T!