Trophée Roses des Andes with Les Filles à l’Ouest

The Trophée roses des andes: The First Rally Adventure 100% female

The Trophée Roses des Andes is a unique 100% female rally taking place in Argentina from April 10 to 21 2016. The 4×4 teams will have to complete each day’s rally stage using only a roadbook, a map, and a compass!

This international competition is also a fantastic experience of solidarity. Both donations and support given by the Roses will finance the work of the Fondación Equinoterapia Del Azul, a local association focused on disabled children and horse therapy based in Salta, Argentina. The Trophée Roses des Andes will provide Fondación Equinoterapia Del Azul with the financial help necessary to its daily activity. In 2015, donations from the participating teams reached 19 291€. It enabled to build new buildings, hire 3 therapists, and buy a new horse.

And what if we could do better in 2016 ?

trophee roses des andesFor that, we rely on Les Filles à l’Ouest! A team of 2 girls from Nantes, Hélène and Mélissa, who convinced MicroEJ to support them for this great adventure. MicroEJ shares the same values with Les filles à l’Ouest: challenge, team spirit, and ambition! MicroEJ is very proud of supporting them!

You can follow Les Filles à l’Ouest on their blog But also on Facebook, Twitter et Instagram. See you there!

les filles a l'ouest