MicroEJ for Transportation

The connected vehicle and autonomous car are the first steps in intelligent transportation systems (ITS). Infotainment systems and driver dashboards converge to systems similar to tablets with long-range cellular connectivity. The dozens of electronic control units (ECU) that control powertrain, body, chassis and provide active safety features are mostly running on microcontrollers connected by CAN and LIN bus. The software runs on a real-time operating system (RTOS) and likely follows the AUTOSAR standard. Next steps in software development and deployment require improving portability, modularity, productivity, maintainability and flexibility/adaptability.

MicroEJ provides support for state-of-the-art software engineering methods based on mixed Java and C languages and Eclipse tools. The simulator allows early prototyping and validation of concepts and software designs, prior to the availability of real hardware.

Secure and robust software execution

MicroEJ OS offers a scalable and secure runtime environment with a virtual machine that makes the software independent from hardware, and provides runtime verification and checking for more robust software execution.
MicroEJ OS also provides a sandboxing layer on top of the virtual machine that allows dynamic installation and uninstallation of apps as independent modules, and isolates apps from each other and from the system.

Optimized footprint/performance/power ratio

MicroEJ OS is optimized for the best footprint/performance/power ratio on any low-cost microcontroller. It can run “bare metal” or on top of any RTOS. MicroEJ also supports many connectivity options, including CAN bus and others.

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