MicroEJ for Smart City

The capabilities to deploy cost-effective solution in very large scale, as well as to maintain the operational capabilities of those solutions in time, represent the biggest challenges. Services and value of IoT solutions are largely delivered by software, so the way software is developed, deployed and executed is a key factor in successful solutions for smart cities. Development has to be efficient and future-proof, deployment has to be secure and flexible, execution has to be secure and scalable.

MicroEJ offers solutions that address the needs of smart cities with the combination of industry-proven software engineering practices and cost-effective/low-power hardware environments.

Future-proof products

MicroEJ supports advanced software content management with over-the-air (OTA) updates and dynamic installation and uninstallation of apps.

Secure deployment and scalable execution

MicroEJ SDK offers a portable and secure software runtime environment with advanced development tools. Smart city solution providers can easily create generic base services that can be customized for each customer/environment, and extended upon technical or economic evolutions. Electronic systems running MicroEJ can connect easily to cloud platforms, whether for remote monitoring, management and maintenance, or big data analytics. MicroEJ VEE supports any type of connectivity, wired or wireless such as Wi-Fi, 2G/3G/4G cellular or low-power wide area networks (LPWAN).

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