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MicroEJ Services

As a complete solution provider, we also capitalized on our strengths and expertise to offer custom services, trainings and technical support to help you develop fast, compact and energy-efficient software.

Our network of technology and service partners can also support you in each step of your project, from hardware architecture definition and conception, to device software and application developmentto help you meet your needs.

Contact us to get more information about MicroEJ services and learn how we can help you with your IoT or embedded project development.

Engineering Services

MicroEJ provides engineering services for architecture and platform ports.
If your target architecture is not supported off-the-shelf, MicroEJ OS can be easily and quickly ported to any microprocessor or microcontroller instruction set architecture (ISA). If your project requires supporting a specific combination of ISA and native C/C++ compiler, MicroEJ can be adapted to support your preferred C/C++ toolchain. If your specific commercial off-the-shelf platform or custom platform is not supported off-the-shelf, MicroEJ can be easily and quickly ported to any platform provided that:

  • It is based on an already supported architecture
  • A native board support package (BSP) and associated device drivers are available
  • A minimal set of native foundation libraries required for delivering the requested OS services are available (e.g. TCP/IP stack, file system, SSL, etc.)

MicroEJ Engineering Services have a great experience of embedded architectures and compilers, and are ready to propose you a standard offering including your custom architecture or platform ports.

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Professional Services

MicroEJ provides professional services for any custom projects and designs.

Professional services can include:

  • Hardware design
  • BSP and driver development
  • Native stack integration
  • MicroEJ OS configuration and firmware creation
  • MicroEJ platform optimization
  • MicroEJ application, GUI, and global user experience design
  • MicroEJ application optimization for performance and footprint
  • Cloud server and services design
  • MicroEJ Store deployment and customization

MicroEJ Professional Services are experts in all embedded and Internet of Things technologies and designs.

We are ready to propose you a customized offering for your specific project and needs.

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