How to save time on embedded software development?

Embedded Software is the key driver for innovation in intelligent systems. Innovation enables to achieve success in increasingly competitive markets. But, as products become more interconnected and fully featured, embedded software complexity increases and development methods reach some limits. In this context, how to faster deliver sustainable innovative software products while keeping low development costs? A software reuse strategy can be one of the solutions to cut down development time and really take advantage on innovation.

Modify software but reuse existing code!

The billions of chips in the world are mostly developed with outdated programming languages. Designing new embedded systems with this type of languages can quickly become complex and may require rewriting or modifying functions already existing in other systems. Be more productive with Object-Oriented programming and design a reliable, scalable, compact, and easily maintainable software code, totally independent from hardware platform.

MicroEJ solution for embedded systems provides a development environment that gets the best out of these technologies and hardware independence. MicroEJ enables to design new embedded software while keeping the legacy code: No need to start from scratch, existing developments will be maintained and new software features will be simply added. This asset enables to save time and therefore can adapt more easily to the latest trends and market requirements.

Modify hardware but keep embedded software unchanged!

The software independence proposed by MicroEJ is also true in the context of hardware changes. The virtual processor used by MicroEJ runs software independently from the hardware platform. Therefore, any software applications developed with MicroEJ will automatically be compatible with the new device. MicroEJ is available for a wide range of hardware systems, from simple microcontrollers to powerful processors.

What about your next project’s development?

MicroEJ improve embedded software developmentsThe MicroEJ Integrated Development Environment enables portability of embedded software. The applications developed through MicroEJ are hardware agnostic and can be hosted on any system without major code modification. MicroEJ is technologically and economically efficient to face the current aggressive markets. Development time can be drastically reduced and software and/or hardware systems can easily be modified independently.

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