Run MicroEJ software solution on any IoT hardware architectures.

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MicroEJ Virtual Execution Environment is optimized for the wide range of IoT hardware architectures. MicroEJ development tools enable device manufacturers to deliver differentiating firmware using MicroEJ SDK.

With MicroEJ, OEMs use proven methods that cut software development time and cost. They create software that delivers incredible user experience and adjusts to Internet business needs.

MicroEJ VEE is a scalable Virtual Execution Environment for resource-constrained embedded and IoT devices running on 32-bit microcontrollers or microprocessors. MicroEJ VEE allows devices to run multiple and mixed Java and C software applications.

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The only software platform optimized for IoT devices

MicroEJ VEE is delivered as part of the MicroEJ SDK for device creation.
It’s a scalable IoT software solution for resource-constraint devices running on 32-bit embedded microcontrollers or microprocessors with typical frequency < GHz and RAM/flash < GB. MicroEJ VEE allows devices to run multiple and mixed Java and C/C++ applications.

MicroEJ Virtual Execution Environment is fast – it boots on 2 ms – and is optimized for low-power. MicroEJ engine is very compact (< 30 KB footprint) and embedded software services can be built to match hardware capabilities and software needs. It runs on ARM Cortex-M and A: from Cortex-M0 with 128 KB flash and 32 KB RAM, to Cortex-A9.

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A full set of services

MicroEJ VEE provides a fully configurable set of services that can be expanded, including:

  • A multi-application framework
  • A basic analog and digital IO framework
  • A sensor framework
  • A USB stack
  • A file system (storage)
  • A network connection with security (SSL/TLS, HTTPS, REST…)
  • A GUI framework for modern 2D graphics and touch

As it runs Java, MicroEJ supports all security, networking and IoT communication protocols and frameworks such as MQTT, CoAP, etc.


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