MicroEJ for Industrial Automation

As humans, machines and IT systems communicate and interoperate at a larger scale, the integrity of the manufacturing process needs to be preserved and strengthened. The security of communications and operations is a major concern. As local data will be captured, processed and exchanged by edge node devices and gateways attached to the factory floor, IIoT systems have to provide the highest level of security for data storage, software execution and communications.

IoT systems will have diverse requirements for size, cost, power consumption, performance depending on their operating environment. MicroEJ platformcan adjust to all environments and support all hardware platforms as well as any communication means chosen to address those requirements.

Portable software and reusable code

MicroEJ ensures software portability on a wide range of microcontrollers and embedded microprocessor architectures. Software written for MicroEJ is entirely reusable from one hardware to another as it’s running on a virtual machine that makes it independent from the hardware.

Secure and robust software execution

The MicroEJ virtual machine ensures a more secure and robust software execution environment as it performs code verification and dynamic execution checking. MicroEJ offers the best compromise between security and flexibility as it provides a sandboxing layer on top of the virtual machine that enables dynamic installation and uninstallation of apps, and their execution in their own space, independently from each other, without direct access to system-level software or hardware.

Intuitive Graphical User Interfaces

MicroEJ supports various wired and wireless networking technologies, including Ethernet, Modbus, Fieldbus, Wi-Fi, 802.15.4, WM-Bus, NFC, etc. For machines operated by humans, MicroEJ allows developing intuitive and robust graphical user interfaces, with or without touch panels.

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