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Project took four months from specifications to production, an estimated 2x faster than previous projects

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Bong uses MicroEJ to power the Bong X2 smartwatch

The Bong X2 smartwatch has been developed by Bong R&D teams and a major Electronic Manufacturing Services provider. It runs on the MicroEJ OS and leverages the MicroEJ Application Store to download apps to the watch.

The X2 delivers time, heartrate and steps information to the user. The user experience is unique as it has no button or touch screen: it is operated by natural wrist gestures.

It has a 128×128 8-bit color square LCD and runs on an ARM Cortex-M4 low-power microcontroller, which makes it very cost- and power-effective.

Bong wanted to shorten their time-to-market, allow product evolutions after purchase, and extend their product portfolio more rapidly.

In order to achieve these goals, Bong looked for a solution that would allow to:

  • Anticipate product releases and deliver next features later
  • Add new features quickly in an incremental manner
  • Create software platforms rapidly on new hardware and reuse software applications as is

phone_section6_picBong uses MicroEJ Studio to develop small features quickly through apps that are downloaded from the MicroEJ Application Store by owners of the smartwatch. Apps run over the firmware programmed in the smartwatch and allow users or manufacturers to extend the product capabilities after its purchase. The Store also allows to create an open ecosystem of apps developers.

Bong leveraged Java technology developers to create an appealing and intuitive graphical user interface. Developers used MicroEJ SDK rapid prototyping and simulation tools to develop the GUI without the hardware.

Bong adopted a components-based architecture and could deliver functions independently from the hardware or firmware thanks to MicroEJ OS virtualization layer.

2x faster developments

The X2 smartwatch project took a total of 4 months from specifications to production, which is an estimated 2x faster* compared to previous projects, giving a significant time-to-market advantage to Bong and enabling earlier product sales generation.

Bong can deliver new features (e.g. a calculator app) in 1 week instead of 5, which represents a dramatic increase in software development productivity and allows to create more apps that further differentiate the product and provide more value to the end user.

100% of the X2 Java code can be reused on Bong’s next project, which eases the creation of derivative products.

“We are really pleased to work with MicroEJ. MicroEJ team was helpful in providing us the technical and business assistance that made the X2 project a success.”

Sun Dapeng, Co-founder of Bong

*For informational purposes only. Information contained in this page describes a specific customer use case and is not legally binding.

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