MicroEJ SDK for STM32J MCUs

Develop smart embedded applications with MicroEJ SDK for STMicroelectronics STM32J. These ready-to-use solutions enable to rapidly prototype, develop, and test embedded applications for Internet of Things (IoT) or Machine-To-Machine (M2M) products on STM32J MCUs and related firmware.

MicroEJ SDK for STM32J includes:

  • MicroEJ Workbench for Eclipse,
  • Java Platforms that can be extended with C code to support specific hardware configurations,
  • Embedded and emulation runtimes,
  • MicroUI™ (Micro User Interface) and MWT (Micro Widget Toolkit) graphical libraries,
  • GUI development tools: Font Designer to create fonts, Story Board Designer for instant PC-simulation, Front Panel Designer to extend the Java platform simulator,
  • Small Java virtual machine: less than 30 KBytes Flash and less than 1.5 KB RAM, less than 2 ms startup time at 120 MHz,
  • 1-year subscription with hardware dongle,
  • Helpdesk.

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